OpenOTP / SpanKey On Premise Bundle

2.255,0022.098,00 excl. VAT

The On Premise OpenOTP Security Suite / SpanKey Enterprise subscription licensing model is based on a per-year per-user/host fee. The software maintenance is included in the price.

See below to combine OpenOTP user packs with SpanKey host packs:

On Prem OpenOTP Enterprise Licenses start at 50 users. You can buy packs up to 250 users directly on the store.

On Prem SpanKey Enterprise Licences start at 20 hosts. You can buy packs of 20, 50, 100 hosts directly on the store.

For any other user/host packs, please contact RCDevs’ Sales Team at


This product bundle includes both On Premise OpenOTP and SpanKey Enterprise licences at a discounted price.
The product license with the lowest cost gets a 20% discount.